A Social Travel Adventure Around the World

Bjorn aka ‘The Social Traveler’ is a Belgian traveller who let people influence his travels via social media or in real life. Friends and followers told him where to go, what to do and who to meet. Not only that, he let people and later also destinations give him challenges that he then tackled with the help of friends and followers from around the world.

His community challenged him to hike 900 km on Camino de Santiago in Spain, drive a Royal Enfield through India, hitch-hike around New Zealand, cycle a tandem bike 5000 km through SE Asia with whoever wanted to join and In Canada he drove a T2 Westfalia van across the country while learning guitar along the way.

Since 2014 Bjorn turned this social travel experiment into a job and tackled over 400 Destination Challenges, an influencer marketing concept he developed, in over 100 Destinations with a variety of travel bloggers from around the world.

He looks forward to share his social travel story with you and euhm… Don’t be shy, just say hi @thesocialtraveler.