Vanessa Thielemann

Founder of BrALI CoWorkation Retreats
After five years in city marketing, Vanessa is drawn out into nature. With her experience in cultural and festival organisation, tourism, urban development, design thinking and marketing, she wants to use it to get more people excited about places nearby. And more and more of them are. This summer she visited some of them again and was fascinated by all that is happening in rural areas. It doesn't take long journeys to get out and about.

With the vision of bringing about positive and sustainable changes in our living and working environment, she develops concepts with the BrALI CoWorkation Retreats for teams and individuals who want to take their projects (inspired by nature) to the next level. In addition to great locations, regional catering & co, there is a framework programme with input on agility & new work, resilience & sustainability as well as balance and movement offers combined with activities in the region - based on and building on local structures.