Nadine & Tom Michelberger

Michelberger Family Business
The Michelberger is a constantly evolving modern family business, a collective creation, a unicorn created and curated by Nadine and Tom Michelberger. In the world for over a decade, the Michelberger is a multicultural place, a comforting sanctuary for people from all walks of life, from musicians, to families, to young at heart leisure and business travelers. Legendary as its atmosphere is, it has become a cosy hub of exciting buzz. By day, the cafe serves locally sourced food, with fruit & vegetables harvested from the Michelberger Farm. A gentle flurry of varied guests makes for a homely feel.

The doors past reception open out to a lush plant-filled courtyard for food, coffee and cocktails. By dark, the hotel twinkles, and the spacious reception and open-plan lounge area play host to intimate concerts and performance.
The rooms range from Cosy budget options to luxurious Hideouts with a sauna.

The hotel ignited projects such as the PEOPLE Festival & The Fountain of Youth.