Kim Gerlach

Ayanation - Scent practitioner - breath worker
Kim Gerlach (she/her) is a German-Filipina scent practitioner and breathwork teacher. Her olfactive work is focused on the cultivation of presence and the creation of new pathways our bodies and minds can follow to heal. She seeks to expand the medium by building and resolving the tension between the familiar and the unknown. She addresses the topics of finding intuition and inner guidance, multiculturalism, and the power of breath.

"We all receive and resonate with different things. By focussing on breath and scent, I aims to support a variety of people on their path to see their inner wisdom. Ultimately, it's about being more balanced and becoming a more impactful human. For me, it's about holding safer spaces and not providing the answers."

She offers experiences and tools for accessing all the things happening in our inner world, like thoughts, old beliefs, your souls purpose.