Detlef Zemlin

Sternenpark Westhavelland
Detlef is at home in Germany's most star-filled place -Lochow in the Westhavelland Star Park- where his wife runs a holiday home rental business.

Guests with an interest in astronomy, stars, nature and tranquillity can expect unique experiences there. His passion is to bring the topic of astronomy and the unique starry sky closer to the guests with wit and knowledge.
He does not overwhelm the guests with expert knowledge and numbers, but captivates them with estimation questions and generally understandable facts.

One of Detlef's special concerns is to sensitise the guests to the issue of light pollution, because it is an important topic for people and nature.

Detlef also attaches great importance to people with disabilities. Guests with limited mobility and people with hearing disabilities receive an adapted stargazing tour with a view into the telescope. But also blind and visually impaired people can get close to the sky with special aids, with Detlef's support, and have a unique experience.