Dagmar Rockel-Kuhnle

Kuhnle-Tours GmbH
As a water sports journalist and publisher of sailing literature for the waters between the Elbe and Oder, Dagmar Rockel-Kuhnle knows where, how and what is going on in the waters of Mecklenburg and Mark Brandenburg. She is also in charge of press relations for her husband Harald Kuhnle's group of companies. Since 2014, her special focus has been on the topic of "boating holidays on wheels". That's when the first barrier-free houseboat was built at her own shipyard.

Why is this topic important to her? "Because it concerns us all," she says. "25 % of all people over 65 have some kind of disability. So the chance of me or someone I like to spend time with being, is very real. That's why the best thing we can do NOW is to start making our holiday worlds accessible and experiential for everyone. One in four people will be affected. That's a lot!