Adina & Timo Hermann

Travel Blogger at Mobilista
Adina and Timo are enthusiastic travellers and have been undertaking their adventures together for 16 years. The two are curious about the world, about the country and its people, about cuisine and culture, and that is exactly what they want to share with their travel blog Mobilista.eu.

Adina is in a wheelchair and on their blog they report on their travels with wheelchairs (and recently also a toddler). Adina plans many details of the trips and manages the Instagram account. She is also Head of Design and a board member of Sozialheld*innen. She was also named by the business magazine Capital 2021 as part of the "Young Elite - the Top 40 under 40" in their annual list of young movers.

Timo is an author, photographer and master planner of logistics. He also advises tourism providers on the topic of accessibility.

Accessibility is doubly important for the two of them: Where Adina can get to with a wheelchair, they will not be slowed down with a buggy. And that's exactly what they want to make clear to tourists: Accessibility is a comfort feature. And it benefits everyone.