Bernd Norkeweit

Co-Founder Brau-Freunde Fürstenwalde
Bernd Norkeweit is co-founder of the Brau-Freunde Fürstenwalde and creative head of the town hall brewery and museum. He looks after the tasty barley juice alongside brewmaster Olli. In preparation for the 750th anniversary of Fürstenwalde/Spree, he has been intensively studying the history of the town, its breweries and the historical figure Krüger Kersten. This gave rise to the idea of "bringing him back to life" in the brewery museum and accompanying the guests in his garb during the brewing course. During the slow trip, participants will have the opportunity to brew their own beer and learn, among other things, why Krüger Kersten had to give up his life for the sake of beer. He will also talk about it on stage at the BTF.