Traveling – Does that make everything okay?

Louit Lippstreu (betterbackpacking), Lara Hamalwa Jacana Safari & Tours (Jacana Safari & Tours ), Sara Glöckner (The Female Traveller)

Come on, let’s go out and explore the world. What may sound completely childish is actually starting an individual adventure, which is an incredibly powerful tool for improving mental health. Pure travel shows that new perspectives are opened up, your understanding of your own life and that of others is redefined and the everyday- and work stress is reduced to a minimum. But are we aware of the impact our travels have on local communities? What does sustainable travel actually mean? What happens to our bodies and psyches as we experience and share new experiences?

Traveling responsibly is not only important for the environment, but can also help improve our mental well-being and give us a deeper understanding of the places we visit. By engaging in activities that help us slow down and notice the beauty of places, we can gain a greater appreciation for the world around us and the different cultures that live within it. Our travel experts come together in this panel to discuss questions about responsible travel, mental health and the impact on each individual.