Train Journeys: Dream vs. Reality

Isabel Wilmenius (Snälltåget), Hugo Van Vondelen (Eurail), Patrick Neumann (European Sleeper), Bart Giepmans Rail Tripping (

Whether it’s comfort, the hourly walk through the carriages or daydreaming while gazing at landscapes – traveling by train has a romantic charm and the time on the train can be one of the most beautiful of your trip. Be in your own “mobile living room”, treat yourself to a freshly tapped beer or watch your favorite series. You can find your switch-off moment on the train, from your starting station to the French coast or high in the Swiss Alps.

The selection of train providers for day and night trips is now large and trips within Germany or for adventure trips in Europe offer all age groups a unique opportunity to travel. Therefore the train is a good alternative to the plane and not just for the sake of the environment. But what are the options for realizing your dream train journey without experiencing possible discomfort? And how do you find the best offers?

With the tips & tricks from our experts from Interrail, European Sleeper, Snälltaget and, we will pick you up directly at the Center Court Stage with our Berlin Travel Festival Express.