Tippi, Toppi, Tiny House – How can a dream become reality?

Dennis Czekalla (Berghaus Tiny House), Fabian Müller (VILCOMO GmbH & Co. KG), Simon Kilimann (NAWALO GmbH), Christian Klerner (tinyon)

Tiny House – How can a dream become reality?

A fulfilled life – what does that look like for you? Do you see yourself in nature, with family and friends or in the city? With the longing of most people to move into their own house, considerations arise as to how this can be accommodated given their current state of life and expectations. In recent years, a concept from the USA has established itself on the German market, which makes not only singles happy, but also families of all sizes and shapes: the tiny house.

We therefore didn’t miss the opportunity to invite a panel of experts on everything about tiny houses, who would pass on helpful ideas, different perspectives and their own experience in order to turn the dream of owning your own home into reality. Which house model is right for me? Where can I find a place for a tiny house as my primary residence? And how do I finance it? These and other questions will be discussed in the group with Berghaus Tiny House, Nawalo and Vilcomo and moderated in his usual refreshing manner by Chris Klerner, co-host of the well-known tiny house podcast “tinyon”.