Spain, Alles Käse oder was? – A Flavorful Journey

Marta Palacios (Palacios & Palacios - Käsehandwerk und Feinkost aus Spanien), Susanne Cerón (Turespaña)

Spain, Alles Käse oder was? – A Flavorful Journey. Join Susanne Cerón, with whom we will embark on a journey through the lesser-known corners of Spain, exploring its rich diversity through the exquisite cheeses that define it. From the inland regions of Extremadura to the green northern region, this presentation-tasting experience will guide you through the authentic flavors of Spain. With the special participation of Marta Palacios, a cheese expert, we will explore charming villages and taste testimonials that will make this journey unforgettable. Immerse yourself in authenticity in perfect harmony. Join us in this cultural and culinary presentation that will connect you with the essence of Spain! See you at the Berlin Travel Festival.