Sleeping bag or box spring mattress? Holiday experiences in the wilderness – in a tent, a luxurious cabin, or in your own tiny house

Eelke Pollé (Basecamp Eco-Resort), Benjamin Ruth (Wildwood Camping), Julian Trautwein (Raus), Holger Danneberg (WERKHAUS and destinature)

The longing for nature, deceleration and quality time alone, with family or with friends has increased continuously in recent years. Unfortunately, expectations and experiences often diverge dramatically. Clichés of piffy campers, unkempt facilities and very rustic cuisine have all too often proved to be true. We didn’t know whether it was their bad experiences or the longing to escape their own lives that drove our panel guests. But one thing can be said with certainty about all of them: all Escape Seekers, Slow Trotters, Professional Weekenders and Adventure Collectors must be grateful that they took the initiative and created places for us where we could quietly come down.