Salve – ein Traum in Pink

The lecture Salve is about the plan to climb the Monte Rosa massif with one leg.

Her plan was to combine southern flair with a demanding, unusual and difficult tour. Furthermore, she wanted to go for the colour pink. And so, little by little the idea for the project. In the end, Jaqueline’s dream was to walk from Lake Maggiore on old, abandoned paths through the Val Grande National Park, and then to do a high altitude tour of the Monte Rosa massif, which is over 4000 metres high, and to climb several 4000-metre peaks there, including the Dufourspitze. All this was to be done exclusively with crutches and on one leg.

In order to understand the context, I will briefly talk about the loss of my right leg after an unsuccessful operation. I will also give a short, concise insight into the long, hard and rocky road that had to be overcome from my leg amputation to being a professional athlete.

So that Jaqueline was not left to her own devices during the mountaineering project, she was accompanied by photographer and camerawoman Laila Tkotz and her mountain companion dog Loui. During the lecture, they talk about the exciting adventures, unexpected scenarios, many problems but also endless feelings of happiness that the three companions had during our dream in pink.

And if you think of Barbie when you think of women in pink -at Monte Rosa-, Jaqueline has to disappoint you bitterly. Are you already curious about what’s behind it?