Remote places to stay – Eine Sehnsucht, drei Konzepte

Silence, tranquility, retreats in nature. – Simply switching off and decelerating, that is the new luxury.

More and more often, we all have this strong longing to escape our hectic everyday lives. Because the “always on” is so exhausting in the digital age, many of us are drawn to nature.  Small hotels, Tiny House settlements or Albergi Diffusi, as the Italians call them, are springing up everywhere. There are more and more high-class hideaways in the outskirts of cities, where you can take a breath, work or learn something. These “remote places” offer the most beautiful kind of digital detox.

We were able to win three pioneers of this category for our panel. All three have a basic idea in common, but pursue completely different concepts.

Look forward to the creators of Raus, Destinature and Sleeperoo!

In the first part of the panel, our guests will each present their concepts in a passionate pitch. Afterwards, we want to work out the differences and show which concept is best for you.