Milch & Moos. Vom Wandern und vom guten Essen

Out of sheer wanderlust, Sina Schwarz and Theresa Wißmann laced up their shoes one day and started walking. In search of the perfect provisions, they asked themselves which manufactories, distilleries or cheese dairies were actually along the way – and discovered that there is quite a lot to discover in the Berlin countryside around hiking and eating.

The two friends experience at any time of year that Brandenburg offers everything you could wish for in a small city escape. Deep forests, idyllic paths by the water, hidden swimming spots and sandy barefoot paths are just waiting to be explored. Gnarled cobblestone avenues, flowering meadows, wide fields and rolling hills can be experienced on foot, as can old beech forests with a UNESCO designation. Some routes lead to medieval castles, over beach-like sand dunes and, yes, sometimes through pine forests. Almost always, one of the more than 3,000 lakes flashes through between the trunks and invites you to take a break for a swim.

In addition to experiencing nature, the hikers meet people far away from the city who follow their vision with great passion and produce fantastic food by hand from what the fields and pastures yield. Sina and Theresa have already had the opportunity to look over many a shoulder and have heard lots of inspiring stories. At the Berlin Travel Festival, they want to tell you about them, reveal their favourite tours and inspire you to take a short holiday right on your doorstep.