Julia Nimke Interview

Julia Nimke (Fotografin)

As the Berlin Travel Festival, we have had the pleasure of working with many talented photographers over the years. But few have captured our attention and admiration like Julia Nimke. Her ability to capture the essence of a place and the people who call it home is truly remarkable. What sets her apart is her unique approach to photography that goes beyond the cliches and overdone images that flood social media feeds. Julia’s work challenges us to see things in a different light and to discover the beauty in the unexpected. We admire Julia not just for her technical skill, but for her ability to evoke emotion through her images. Her work transports us to new places and allows us to experience the world through her lens. In addition to her incredible work as a photographer, Julia is also an Adobe Ambassador, which speaks to her talent and expertise in the field. Her style is unmistakable, and her photographs are a true work of art.

We are delighted to welcome Julia to our stage for an in-depth interview.