Breakfast Club mit LOUIS Hotel, mein.werder – Hotel am Markt, ahead burghotel

What can you do better for someone than to make them breakfast? This quote by Anthony Bourdain was both the inspiration and the template for our Breakfast Club.

Just as every culture has its own customs and rites, every society has its own breakfast habits. When we stay in a hotel, there is hardly anything that stays in our minds longer than a special delicious breakfast.

Our panelists understand exactly this quote from Bourdain as their mission and have made breakfast one of the key experiences in their hotels.

While some only use ingredients that are no more than 15 km from the hotel, another hotel has food from the market that is literally on its doorstep. A third hotel, on the other hand, is dedicated to pure vegan cuisine and we learn from the makers how to create a unique taste while also affecting the carbon footprint.

Come by, let yourself be inspired, kidnapped, seduced and determine for yourself where your breakfast tour should begin. – The only downer is that today breakfast in bed has to be cancelled.