Brandenburg's state capital
"Without a worry" - that is the meaning of Potsdam's most famous palace, Sanssouci. But it is also a feeling that can be felt in many places within the city: in the expansive parks as well as the lively city centre.

Here, magnificent baroque facades meet inviting backyards. International art mixes with local street culture.
Potsdam invites you on a journey through Europe: the oranges in Sanssouci Park make you dream of Italy, the red bricks of the Dutch Quarter remind you of Amsterdam. And the next moment you are part of a fairy tale in the Russian Colony Alexandrovka. Whether by bike, on foot or on the water - Brandenburg's state capital impresses with a well-developed network of paths with idyllic views of the picturesque cultural and Havel landscape. Very close to the metropolis Berlin, yet the clocks tick slower in Potsdam.