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Natch •• Natural Toothpaste Tabs
Addictive toothpaste: Powered by Nature.

Natch redefines toothpaste and revolutionizes the world of teeth cleaning. With its innovative toothpaste in tab form, based on a unique formula with exclusively natural ingredients and certified plastic-free by the flustix seal, the brand inspires consumers to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

At the same time, Natch Tabs support this lifestyle with their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and remineralizing properties, among others. The product variants Screaming Polar Bear, So Black, So White, Dr. Shaman, and Wake-up Call are tailored to individual needs as well as designed for a particularly refreshing, brightening, or healing effect. Since May 2021, the sustainable toothpaste is available in the online store as well as in selected pharmacies, and hotels.

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