Your green lifestyle city guide
The App EcoHopper® is a digital city guide with GPS-function and a regional platform for ecology and sustainability. The EcoHopper® gathers all the sustainable shops as well as public projects, NGOs and the event calendar with sustainability events.

The App considers every district and all the quarters of the city which may put the focus on them. The target group is the urban eco tourist and trade fare visitors who want to have an eco friendly stay at there destination as well as locals who want to explore their city from an different angle. The EcoHopper was launched in June 2021 and is an joint venture of the companies greencentive and cambio analytics. In 2022 the EcoHopper® was awarded with the Urbanana Award for innovative city tourism. So far seven cities have been developed: Cologne, Bonn, Essen, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Berlin.