Nat & Rob

Love and Road
rob and nat at creator's lounge at Berlin Travel Festival

Nat and Rob are a captivating travel couple and content creators who mix adventure and romance perfectly. Nat is a journalist who loves to tell stories, but above all, to give useful information for people who dream of an unforgettable trip. Rob is a creative photographer and triathlete who never gets tired of running for the perfect shot.

Together they are Love and Road, a successful bilingual (PT-EN) travel blog made of real travel experiences. From mountains to beaches, from affordable luxury city breaks to off the beaten path adventures, Nat and Rob know how to keep their audience engaged on social media and deliver content that is inspiring and helpful.
Love and Road compelling stories, SEO expertise, and great photography is the perfect combination to promote a destination/brand with a personal touch.
They have won awards for their photography, and Nat and Rob have appeared on the biggest TV channel and leading newspapers and magazines in Brazil. They also write for a yearly wedding editorial publication, contributing to the latest trends on eloping abroad and honeymoon destinations.
They have successfully created campaigns with a variety of brands and DMOs from all over the world, such as Czech Tourism, Eurail, Ironman, Mauritius Tourism, MeliĆ  Rewards, Rotterdam Partners, SO Sofitel, Standard Luggage, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, TEP, U River Cruises, Viking Cruises, and many others.