Charlotte Noël

Travel Rebel
Charlotte Noel - Travel Rebel at Creator's Lounge at Berlin Travel Festival

Charlotte is the founder of Travel Rebel, Belgium’s leading platform on sustainable travel. Through her storytelling and careful collaborations, she aims to change the way we interact with the world, to ensure we leave cleaner footprints behind, to open our eyes to the uniqueness of each place, and to curb the menace of overtourism.

Backed by the Travel Rebel team – a group of like-minded travelers and writers who value diversity and authenticity above all else – Charlotte champions causes close to her heart. Along with sustainable travel, these include social entrepreneurship, women empowerment, access to quality education for all, and eco-conscious and ethical living (she even bought a forest recently and aims to plant as many trees as possible!).

Travel Rebel’s thoughtful content has already earned significant recognition. In just the first month of this year, the blog has been nominated for the Best Sustainable Travel Award and Influencer of the Year.