Bjorn Troch

The Social Traveler | Destination Digital
Bjorn Troch - The Social Traveler - Creator Lounge 2019

Bjorn in his capacity of The Social Traveler, has allowed people to influence his travels via social media or in real life since 2010.

This led to the birth of “Destination Challenges“, an influencer marketing concept where Destinations put content creators to the test.

Last year 14 destinations took part inviting a variety of content creators targeting multiple markets – ultimately generating 3 million+ social media impressions and over 100,000 social reactions.

Bjorn also runs a content & influencer marketing agency called ‘Destination Digital‘ where he works together with a network of professional content creators and online marketing consultants from around the world. Services include influencer marketing campaign development, workshops, content creations and online media services aimed to spread your message to the right target markets more effectively.

He ran campaigns with DMOs in Germany, Canada, Austria, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Poland, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Ireland, Wales, Spain, Honduras, Tunisia,…

It’s also in this capacity that he organizes the Creator’s Lounge and brings this epic group of content creators together for you to meet at the Berlin Travel Festival.