Photo: EYECANDY Berlin
Location: Miami

Health Information

Important Announcement

Status: 2 March 2020


To our great regret we have to inform you – contrary to the announcement of Saturday – that the Berlin Travel Festival cannot take place as planned next weekend and has to be postponed to a later date which still has to be determined.
As you may have already learned from the media, there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 infection in Berlin as of yesterday evening. Members of our team have been in contact with the infected. As a protective measure, the team was requested to go home immediately by the public health department. We had to stop our work effective immediately. Therefore it is impossible for us to hold the Berlin Travel Festival next weekend.
We deeply regret the circumstances and understand that you have questions about possible consequences. Due to the timing of the cancellation, we ask for your understanding that all detailed questions regarding the Berlin Travel Festival must first be examined. We will inform you as soon as new information becomes available.