WWF Erlebnistouren

A unique blend of learning and adventure
WWF Adventure Tours
Adventure awaits right in front of your own doorstep!
Let’s take off together to explore the broad horizons and wide rivers, the primeval forests and alpine peaks of our own natural treasures!
We’ll set out with our experienced regional guides and professional partners. Whether we’re tracking the footprints of the elusive lynx, canoeing down a wild river, wandering through the salt marshes of the Wadden Sea or observing the first timid flight of the bald Ibis: the WWF wants to bring you along to discover the astonishing marvels of our own natural riches.
The most important prerequisites: Curiosity and a Sense of Wonder!

Our WWF experts leave no question unanswered: which processes control our natural ecosystems, how does nature protect us, and what can we ourselves contribute in order to protect it? Come along and experience our unique blend of learning and adventure!