With daily tours out of Heidelberg, WineStreet brings you a taste of some of the best organic, biodynamic, and natural wines around Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Baden-Württemberg. Our tours are personal, authentic, and sprinkled with delicious sips of knowledge about the surrounding regions, all told with a bit of tipsy fun.

WineStreet also works in the digital world. Our Slurp Sessions offer an online sensory journey through these same fine wine regions, through an evening wild ride of fun and games.

Every good story tastes better with a nice glass of wine. We're not your typical consumption-ready large-scale events, but we'll give you plenty of insta-ready memories, with the stories to match.

Giving Back

Our responsibility towards people and nature plays a central role at WineStreet. We strongly believe in practices that focus on natural resources and their impact on local communities, and we take pride in working with partners, friends, and guests that follow these same values.

Special Deal

Slurp Sessions—an evening of fun and games with 3 delicious wines from the cosiness of your home. Come with us on an online sensory journey through the fine wine regions of the German Southwest.