Photo: Arthur F. Selbach/ visitBerlin


Unique location along the Havel river
Spandau is the most western district of Berlin. Its location by the water makes Spandau unique: The whole district extends along the river Havel. In the old town centre of Spandau, the river Spree flows into the river Havel. A promenade / boardwalk invites you to walk. The old town centre of Spandau is also the longest continuous pedestrian zone of Berlin and allows you to shop and relax amongst its numerous restaurants, cafés, and shops.

The citadel of Spandau is always worth a visit: In addition to museums and permanent exhibitions, a variety of exhibitions and events takes place. In winter, it is the wintering grounds for bats.
The south of Spandau is even a bit rural: Gatow and Kladow are always worth a visit with their contemplative town churches and their unique location by the water.