Where freedom and adventure take on a new meaning
Freedom for body, mind and soul often describes what city dwellers, surrounded by the eternal hustle and bustle, want on vacation - and where can you relax best than in pure nature? With its culinary, active and cultural offers, the Spreewald is exactly the right kind of relaxation for all those who want to take a short break from everyday life. You can also find this break when you slowly drift along the quiet water courses in a paddle boat and listen to the quiet rustling of the forest.

Out of the question because your kids are way too lively for that? Simply combine Freedom and Adventure in the Spreewald - experience exciting micro-adventures in nature together with your family and take the opportunity to explore a new side of the popular holiday region.

Special Deal

During episode 3 "Freedom & Adventure" we raffle a voucher for a relaxing Spreewald getaway for the whole family.