Camp Breakout - Digital Detox Summer Camp For Adults

Camp Breakout is a summer camp, where over 50 grown-ups come together and celebrate 5 days off-the-grid to unplug, get away and be kids again. Five days of pure unadulterated fun out in the woods located in a beautiful setting in Holsteinische Schweiz (north) and Nationalpark Edertal (middle). In our summer camps you trade in your smartphone, job talk and work schedule for a summer camp like in your childhood.Together we create a community where individuality, self expression, friendship, freedom and memories are valued most.

Established 2015, Founder: Maike Engel

Camp Sessions 2021:
Camp Holstein:
Mo. 02. - Fr. 06. August (4 nights)
Mo. 09. - Fr. 13. August (4 nights)

Camp Edertal:
Fr. 27. - Di. 31. August 2021 (4nights)

Prices for an all-inclusive-camp adventure start at 329,-EUR