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The Berlin Travel Festival will bring together a curated selection of exhibitors that reflect the world of travel today. The exhibition area will be divided into several main sections: Ocean Life, Culture Journeys, Weekenders, and Outdoor Escapes. The Nest is an additional area for small, new businesses and startups. Each section will present a variety of destinations, experiences, gadgets, and gear. And will have a stage where the community can come together for workshops, meetups, presentations, demos, and labs.


Photo: Aliocha Boi
Location: Cuba
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Location: Spain
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Location: Japan

Culture Journeys will cover cultural experiences ranging from exploring New Nordic Cuisine in Copenhagen, to a train ride from Cusco to Machu Pichu, to a deep dive into Cuban culture.

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Location: Unknown
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Location: Unknown

Outdoor Escapes will include everything from a vacation hiking in the South Tyrol, to canoeing in Montana, to camping and surfing the California coast in a VW van.

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Location: U.S.A
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Weekenders will focus on everything from a fast and fun visit to a friend in nearby city, to checking out an art fair, to a a relaxing or romantic getaway for two.

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Ocean Life

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Location: USA

Ocean Life will include everything from kite boarding and sailing trips, to surfing destinations, to innovative products made of recycled ocean plastic.

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